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Many of our clients are large international organisations that appreciate discretion and confidentiality – especially around the learning and development needs of their people. So we don’t “splash” logos and customer names on our website. However, if you want to see examples of clients we have served, projects that we have worked on, and feedback that we have received, then please get in touch, and we will be happy to provide details.

Many thanks to both of you from all EIGE staff for a very effective training. We received a lot of positive feedback from different staff categories.

“I’m very grateful to have learned the dynamics you mentioned, and I hope those of us that were at the training will be able to form a critical mass and put them to good use. I actually feel much better at work and I know I am performing better as well. Overall, I was really impressed with the amount of activities that you were able to fit into such a short period of time.”

Big thank you again for your leadership at last week’s retreat.  Atmosphere here is super….  good work ahead.

“The whole day was great and the agenda was well structured. Richard was really good and made it interesting.”

“It is definitely something we should a lot more of!! It stimulates the team and makes us more strong collectively, more knowledgeable and versatile in our work.”

“I really loved the way you arranged the day. Not a lot of ‘just listening’ but instead a whole lot of hands on. “

“All in all a very insightful and great day! I feel like we have gotten closer as a team after this day”

“Hope we get more of these within other areas that can be used in our everyday life. It’s the most learning I’ve gotten in my time with the company.”

“Thank you so much for holding it all together and guiding us through this complicated process.”

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