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Coaching of leaders and specialists accelerates development and boosts performance. We coach people at all levels of organisations, from the C suite to individual contributors.

Richard Naylor qualified as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach in 2009 and has coached hundreds of clients across many private and public organisations. He is supported by a diverse team of freelance coaches, so you will be able to find the right coach for you.

The words “structure” and “perspective” are most frequently mentioned by our coaching clients, in relation to what they find useful. We don’t adhere to any one specific coaching model or approach, but try instead to adjust and choose what feels like the right kind of approach for the given context, client and relationship.

However, clearly we have some preferences and these seem to be experienced by clients as an ability to help them structure their thoughts and to see new and meaningful perspectives.

Who and how?

The majority of our coaching services are delivered one-to-one, but we do also provide team coaching sessions. We tend to find that coaching more easily generates powerful outcomes when you are able to meet face-to-face. However, as many of our customers are large international organisations, we are used to coaching on the phone and using online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and these remote sessions also generate very positive results.

Sometimes a single meeting is enough, however a typical engagement will run for between three to six sessions.

Our approach

Through Enrich, you will always meet certified coaches with broad experience. It’s important that the coach and the focus person (e.g. you) “click,” therefore we maintain a pool of freelance coaches to ensure there is a good chance of you connecting with someone with whom you can quickly build rapport.

Each coach is different, but most are trained in a variety of techniques and methodologies such as: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Narrative Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Protreptic methods, Positive Psychology Coaching, and the Solutions Focussed approach.

The topic we work with most is helping leaders adjust to new leadership roles as they progress through an organisation. We also coach a lot on dealing with conflicts and rethinking and reframing (often problematic) interactions with other individuals. Apart from these two most frequent areas of focus, we also encounter most general work-related topics such as; getting the most out of yourself, performance anxiety, dealing with procrastination, skills development, decision making, and the varying dynamics involved in leading a team.

Take our free test

Please follow this link to our free coaching test. These evidence-based questions can reveal how likely it is that you will benefit from coaching sessions, and how quickly you can expect to see results. After completing the survey, you will be contacted to set up a brief call, where we can go over the results with you and you can consider your options. There is no requirement to buy coaching sessions and the answers you give will be kept confidential.

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You are welcome to contact Enrich if you have any questions or want to hear more about what we offer. We look forward to helping you improve your organisation’s performance.


Enrich's references

“I’m very grateful to have learned the dynamics you mentioned, and I hope those of us that were at the training will be able to form a critical mass and put them to good use.

I actually feel much better at work and I know I am performing better as well.

Overall, I was really impressed with the amount of activities that you were able to fit into such a short period of time.”

Many thanks to both of you from all EIGE staff for a very effective training. We received a lot of positive feedback from different staff categories.