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Meetings, workshops, and seminars that drag on and achieve little are a major cause of frustration in modern organisations. However, the challenges and opportunities we face on a daily basis are often too complicated for a single colleague to deal with alone. We need to engage and collaborate with others to deliver for clients and to keep innovating and improving what we do. This is where using a professional facilitator can really add value.

Good quality facilitation will help your group accomplish more in less time. It ensures all voices are heard, and discussions aren’t just dominated by those who shout loudest or are most confident and extroverted. The facilitator will not take sides or push a particular issue or solution. Their job is to steer the process and ensure the group is working productively together towards their goals.

Our customers often express their surprise at how much was achieved in the available time, and how the meeting or workshop actually left them feeling energised and eager to take the next steps, rather than tired and frustrated.

Our approach

Regardless of whether it is a face-to-face or virtual session that you want help with, there are certain core principles that guide the way we work. The facilitation will always be planned together with you, so we gain an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, what a good outcome looks like, and any particular group dynamics that we need to be aware of in advance.

The facilitator steers the meeting or workshop while constantly balancing encouragement and support of participation, with momentum towards useful outcomes. Too much emphasis on the former lets everyone have their say, but might not achieve useful, tangible outcomes. Too much emphasis on the latter risks delivering outputs without much “buy-in” as people will feel they haven’t been listened to. Getting this right, while also having a feeling for group dynamics and energy levels in the room is not easy – and this is the step up from simply “chairing” a meeting to skilfully facilitating it.


With 25+ years of facilitation experience in all imaginable contexts, our facilitators have the credibility to ensure that group members feel they are in “safe hands”. This, in turn, helps the participants to build trust in each other and the process, so that they contribute constructively and generate high quality decisions, along with the commitment to implement them.

We have facilitated intense five-day leadership development seminars with small groups of business leaders; short, action packed workshops with 400+ participants at the same time; team or department development days; conferences with senior politicians and policy-makers; and everything in between. We usually find ourselves working in meeting and conference rooms, but if the group wishes to, and the conditions allow, then we are also very experienced in taking things outside.

The company is a member of the IAF – the International Association of Facilitators.

Why use an external facilitator?

Customers who contact us typically have a piece of decision-making, change, learning, development, teambuilding, or conflict management, etc. that they need to get done. So why not use an internal facilitator? Well, usually due to one or more of the four following reasons:

  • Competency: “We don’t have people with the right specific skills / knowledge, or who are ‘good enough’”.
  • Capacity: “The people we have, that could do it, are busy with other stuff, so we need to buy temporary extra help to get it done.”
  • Sensitivity: “The issue is sensitive, so to build trust and get buy-in we will use an external resource – they might get more honesty and engagement from the participants.”
  • Curiosity: “We want to be inspired by new approaches and perspectives from outside our organisation.”

If any of these reasons strike a chord with you in your current context, then we would encourage you to contact us to explore your options.

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You are welcome to contact Enrich if you have any questions or want to hear more about what we offer. We look forward to helping you improve your organisation’s performance.


Enrich's references

“I’m very grateful to have learned the dynamics you mentioned, and I hope those of us that were at the training will be able to form a critical mass and put them to good use.

I actually feel much better at work and I know I am performing better as well.

Overall, I was really impressed with the amount of activities that you were able to fit into such a short period of time.”

Many thanks to both of you from all EIGE staff for a very effective training. We received a lot of positive feedback from different staff categories.