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Enrich facilitates change, learning, and development processes in organisations. We offer tailor-made solutions to help you improve the way you work together; delivering higher performance, clearer communication, and enhanced cooperation.

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High quality since 2005

Enrich is a consultancy company based in Denmark, and delivering worldwide.

We help organisations improve their performance through the learning and development of their leaders and specialists.



Coaching of leaders and specialists accelerates development and boosts performance. We coach people at all levels of organisations, from the C-suite to individual contributors; mostly one-to-one, but also in team coaching sessions; face-to-face or online.



Enrich offers facilitation of learning programmes, team or department development sessions, meetings, conferences, and processes. We can deliver our own material within the areas where we have subject matter expertise, but are also very experienced in facilitating outside these areas too. You provide the subject matter and we deliver the methods and facilitation that will bring it alive.



Enrich designs and develops material and content to be used in learning and development initiatives. Maybe you want to facilitate the process yourselves, but need help with refining the content or advice on methods and exercises that will activate the participants.

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Enrich v/Richard F Naylor

It’s not easy to summarise who we are and what we do in under 75 seconds – but we’ve given it a go. If you think it sounds interesting, then let’s arrange a call to explore the challenge or opportunity that’s ‘on your desk’ right now.

Whether it’s executive coaching, handling a conflict between colleagues, or facilitating an event or learning programme, we’ll help you to talk openly and honestly about the things that really matter.

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You are welcome to contact Enrich if you have any questions or want to hear more about what we offer. We look forward to helping you improve your organisation’s performance.

Enrich v/Richard F Naylor

Facilitation, coaching, and team development since 2005

Enrich is a consultancy company that is based in Denmark, and delivers worldwide. We help organisations to improve their performance through the learning and development of their leaders and specialists.

We work with almost anything that goes on between the people in an organisation, but typically our services address leadership, teamwork, values, performance, conflict, attitudes, and behaviour. We do this through coaching, facilitation of meetings and processes, and by designing and delivering learning and development programmes.

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